Plantation Drive

Venue- Lay Colony Garden, Behind Basant Puri Society, Rajendra Nagar

“Plant a Tree, Get Oxygen for Free”

21st March is marked s “World Plantation Day” and Team Sanchayika decided to celebrate the cause throughout the year. Starting its first ever drive on — by planting 15 plants.

*Tree Plantation expert “Jassi”, shared his understanding around How to recognize and utilize maximum out of Saplings and seeds available in market.

*Team was divided into sub-teams to accomplish the required tasks.

  1. Preparing mixture of compost and soil.
  2. Digging holes as per saplings size.

3. Planting and watering in appropriate amount.

Session Expert– Jasvinder Singh (Diaspark).

No. Of beneficiaries* – Multiple.

Sanchayika volunteers available*: – Jitendra Singh Chauhan, Ashish Desai,Nilesh Jain,Mukta Chimnani, Rahul Jain, Nitin Chourasia, Shubhi Pathak, Vanya Desai, Desai Uncle.

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