Cloth Distribution Choti Diwali

Venue- Vijay Nagar.

“Charity sees the need, not the cause”

“Small steps taken today could lead us to our destination.”

To continue with our efforts of making change towards betterment of this society, Team Sanchayika hosted another Cloth Donation Drive on occasion of Choti Diwali.

Our event started by addressing the residential there about our future plans for them. And after managing the crowd in 3 different groups we distributed pre-sorted cloth collected for them.

Session Expert– Na.

No. Of beneficiaries* – 160+ (Adult+ Kids).

Sanchayika volunteers available*: – Jitendra Singh Chauhan, Shubhi Pathak, Ashish Desai, Nilesh Jain, Mukta Chimnani, Rahul Jain, Nitin Chourasia, Prachi Jadon, Anshi Jadon, Sonali Jain, Aryaman Joshi , Aarjav jain, Saurabh Chouhan, Desai uncle, Rakhi Jain, Vivek Dubey, Kovid Jain, Sandeep Singh Jadon, Riddhisha Kalani.

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