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Sanchayika - Fun-Time with Kids


Is a team of enthusiastic individuals working together towards a common cause.

Acts as a bridge between “People In Need” and “People With Helping Hands” and collaborate to bring them together to spread more and more SMILES in the society.

Ek Prayas – “To Spread Colors of Joy“, “To Fight the Darkness“, “To Treasure Environment“, “To Care for Common People“, “To Inculcate Good Childhood Habits” and “To Spread Lot of Smiles

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Smiles Spreaded


At Sanchayika, we strongly believe that there is ample GOODNESS spread all around. The only need is to create right channels to take that goodness to those who are in need.

Our History

End of 2014

Sanchayika Conceptualized

Sanchayika was conceptualized by a group of individuals headed by Mr. Jitendra Singh Chouhan

20 Jan 2015

Sanchayika Registered

Sanchayika was officially registered (# 03/27/01/17554/15) as ``Sanchayika Educational & Welfare Society`` under the Madhya Pradesh government society registration


Silent Work

Sanchayika silently kept working on random issues surfaced to its team

Jun 2018

Defined Focused Vision

Sanchayika team started growing and this was the time when its core committee defined a focused vision statement and created a work plan

Jul 2018

Launched ``Plant-A-Hope``

With ``Plant-A-Hope`` project, Sanchayika took its first step towards betterment of ``Mother-Nature`` and later we scaled it up Jul 2019 from 20 to 100.

Jun-Dec- 2018


Sanchayika team visited numerous places (Old-Age Homes, Orphan-Age Homes, Shelter Homes, Slum Areas, Schools, Varied NGOs, etc.) to create its rigorous database and establish long-going associations


Sanchayika Day

Sanchayika team started a new initiative to celebrate Sanchayika Day to induce the concept of saving from early years in school going kids. 15-Sep-2018 (Sanchayika Day as declared by Govt. of India) was selected to kick-off this initiative



On occasion of the festival of lights (Diwali), Sanchayika team launched its program ``Light-A-House`` to fill the lives of slum area people with ``BRIGHT LIGHTS``



In the record breaking weather conditions, Sanchayika team went out during day, evening and even mid-night hours to help those who were struggling to survive against the deadly conditions

Oct 18 - Jun 19


Sanchayika adopted ``Raghunandan Bagh Slum`` and designed an extensive program to improve the living conditions of the slum people

May 2019


Sanchayika, in association with Ericsson and MY-Hospital Blood Bank, organized a mega Blood Donation Camp

May 19 - Jun 19

Creative-Cubs ``Milaap``

Sanchayika, in association with Abha-Kunj Society, is organizing a summer camp for the kids of slum area to engage them in creative and fun-filled learning activities

Jan 20


Sanchayika launched a ``Water Management`` project which focused on water preservation and effective use of available water resources.

Mar 20


Sanchayika launched a project to collect the used books to help the under-privileged kids and to increase the reuse of paper (books).

Mar-May 20

Covid Awareness

Sanchayika worked on spreading the awareness on Do's and Don'ts during Covid time. It also encouraged its volunteers to share their creativity during Lock-down times to spread positive spirit among all.

Apr 20


Sanchayika, with the help of its volunteers, worked on helping different shelter homes and needy families by fulfilling their basic requirements during the tough times of Covid-19.

May-Aug 20

Sanchayika Creatives

Sanchayika organized helpful online sessions for its volunteers to help them in strengthening their Physical, Mental and Creative self. It started with Yoga and continued with Bio-Enzymes, Hydroponics, Health & Fitness and The New Normal.


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