Causes We Support

Causes We Support


Alone I Am A Drop, But Together We Are An Ocean”, positive collaborated efforts makes this world a better place to be, We as “Sanchayika” are a consultant Non-Profit Organization which is connecting the ones those who need support to the ones who can provide that support.

Our Unique Special Preposition (USP) is the knowledge, awareness and implementation of various Government Schemes which can be utilized to create a positive impact in the lives of many.


We collaborate with schools and as the name suggests, we teach children the importance of saving by conducting the practical training and discussion sessions; replicating the concept of Bank.

In the words of school, this is really being proven as a nice concept to inculcate the good habit of saving in kids from early years.


As truly said – “We Rise By Lifting Others”.

We work on the plan to “Adopt-A-Slum” and then works on Infrastructure Development, Women Hygiene, Cleanliness, Medical Awareness, Education & Personality Development and Skill Development of that area.

Along with this we also cater to the needs and the concerns of individual homes of the slum area and provide viable solutions for the same.


We visit and coordinate with various NGOs, Old Age Homes, Infant House, Shelter Homes.

Collaborate to understand their area of expertise and/or their requirements.

Later we try to utilize their expertise or work towards fulfilling their requirements by connecting the right set of people and resources.


There is no great joy than saving a soul . . .

        And anybody can be a Life Saver . . .

                By just donating what you have within.

We keep on organizing blood donation camps and also aim at fulfilling Blood Requirements at individual level on priority basis.


Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago

– Warren Buffet

One of the best gifts we can give future generations are TREES

We keep organizing the plantation drives to fulfill our duty towards “MOTHER NATURE

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