Our Stories

Our Stories

Aditi Jain

She is a 21 years old bubbly girl, who loves cooking, but decided to serve our nation. This PSC aspirant got her inspiration from her mom and have seen her father building the next generation, as he was president of Jain Sikhsha Sanstha in Katni.

When she was just 13, she gave free tuitions to her maid’s 2 kids, younger than her and asked her father to sponsor their school fees.

We have seen her serving a lot of time in different orphanages visits and slum area activities with us in Indore.

This is the story of youths associated with Sanchayika.

Aarjav Jain

When he was 9, he by himself, asked his parents to celebrate all the special days of his family at orphanages, and involved his friends in those celebrations to motivate them as well.

At this small age, he never gives a second thought when it is about donating his favorite toys. He helped us in collecting stuffs during our Cloth and stationary donation drives, as he has seen and met those, who he understood needs everything he has, but can’t afford.
He is already on the way to do his part. This 11 Yr old Podar International school’s student is the youngest volunteer of Sanchayika. He is 1 among few who, instead of getting inspired from anyone else are Samaritan from birth.

Prachi Jadon

An 18 year old girl, just started her college. Her vision is to give the society a place where orphanages and senior citizen can reside together. Kids can get the benefits of senior’s experience and give them the spark of life, that they miss when they are left alone by their families.

She got the empathy for senior citizens, when she played the role of nurse for her grandfather, who she lost in cancer. Best part of his treatment surely has to be, talking to her and sharing the positive wibes and confidence, he gained from his grandchildren.

Her story represents the young students associated with Sanchayika.

Jitendra Singh Chouhan

This 31 year old, Ericsson employee is equally dedicated to his passion as to his profession. And thus founded Sanchayika.

This kind hearted soul is up for helping anyone, without any “When and Where” filters in it. He is our ‘BLOOD-MAN’, 24*7 available with his hidden army of blood donors, who understands value of anyone’s life.

Dedication he has in saving environment is no less. He is on his way of planning to establish ‘Water saving setups’ in near future for society, which is for sure needed and will benefit our coming generations.

This is the story of Jitu ji, this is the story of Sanchayika.

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