Awareness session by Gynecologist

Venue- Raghunandan Bagh, Indore.

Awareness Session on on Women Hygiene and Menstruation Cycle

“Period. Not an illness.”

So this is how Sanchayika’s events looks like. Thanks to Dr. Yamini Vaibhav(BHMS, Homoeopath) from ASHA Homeo health center, she conducted really meaningful session, making sure ladies there understand the importance of discussing problems around  Women’s Menstruation cycle and this is not an illness but part of her body’s formation. And also gave onspot consultation to few of them.

We closed the session by distributing Sanitary Napkins to ladies of Raghunandan bagh and biscuit packets to their kids. Also will be making sure, that they continue with the habits we taught them.

No. Of beneficiaries* – 85 ladies of slum, who attended the session.

Sanchayika volunteers available*: – Shubhi Kiran Pathak, Mukta Chimnani, Keshavi Jha, Monika Hassija, Aditi Jain, Gauri Dalal, Anmol , Minocha, Nidhi Bhadoriya, Prachi Jadon, Anshi Jadon, Nitin Chourasia, Jitendra Singh Chauhan.

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