Cloth Distribution Independence Day

Venue- Masania Slum, MoosaKhedi.

“Small steps taken today could lead us to our destination.”

We keep things unused for years, which could convert to smiles, And we don’t recognize it until we share. Thus Team Sanchaiyka decided to distribute old reusable cloths in slum area, we got from our donors.

  • The session started with balloon and Biscuits distribution with kids of the slum, this helped us in creating a bond with children there.
  • It followed with a introductory speech to kids- on “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan Mission”  by Shubhi Pathak.
  • And we wrapped the event by distributing cloths to kids under 15 yrs of age of Masania slums.


Session Expert– Na.

No. Of beneficiaries* – 35-40 kids.

Sanchayika volunteers available*: – Jitendra Singh Chauhan, Ashish Desai,Nilesh Jain,Mukta Chimnani, Rahul Jain, Nitin Chourasia, Shubhi Pathak,Soumya Jain,Prachi Jadon, Anshi Jadon, Sanjay Yadav, Aditi Jain, Ishika Jain, Nishita jain, Ravi, Adarsh Singh Bharodia, Akansha Vasishtha, Princi Jain.

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