Sanchayika Day

Venue- The Government School, Pagnis Paga , Juni Indore.

Awareness Session on Importance of Money Saving

“Small steps taken today could lead us to our destination.”

Phase 1

15 Sept is marked as day of saving money among children, by govt of India. Team Sanchayika took the opportunity and conducted an awareness activity with 50 Students of class 6th till 8th  from a govt school.

*First phase of the Session was started by Shubhi Pathak where she did interaction with kids and told them about specific  scheme of govt.

*Then Mukta Chimnani introduced the saving activity of Sanchayika to kids where the Team decided to add some minimal amount as interest from banks to the Savings the kids will do.

*Proceeding further another interactive session consisting of quiz on personalities who made their life by hardworking and saving was conducted for kids. Session came to an end with distribution of Pen.

Phase 2

After an interval of 1 month given to students for saving 1Rs/day.

*We got back to them after adding some more amounts to their savings and bought special goodies for the kids who participated in the activity.

*Shubhi Pathak and Ashish Desai by relating kids participation to actual saving strategies told them the best ways to utilize their savings by keeping it in bank and investing it for future Education.

No. Of beneficiaries* – 37 students participated in the activity and got the goodies from the savings they did.

Sanchayika volunteers available*: – Jitendra Singh Chauhan, Ashish Desai,Nilesh Jain,Mukta Chimnani, Rahul Jain, Nitin Chourasia, Shubhi Pathak.

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