Bed Donation

Venue- Shree Ram Nirashritt Ashram, Gandhi Nagar, Indore

“A day is complete successfully, when you sleep peacefully.”

  • Team Sanchayika by continuing it’s search of genuine places, found an old age home in Gandhi Nagar. Here Mrs. Bhawna Pawar with her family is devotedly taking care of around 15 old ladies by providing them shelter and fulfilling their basic necessities.
  • Thus we decided to donate 3 beds as per their requirement with the help of our donors – Mr. Vivek Dubey, Nitin Chourasia and Shubhi Pathak.
  • After becoming part of ‘Ganesh pooja’ team Sanchayika spend some time with people there.
  • Shubhi Pathak sponsored breakfast for the day.

No. Of beneficiaries* – 3 old age Ladies.

Sanchayika volunteers available*: – Jitendra Singh Chauhan, Nilesh Chourasia,Shubhi Pathak, Vivek Dubey & family, Amit purohit & Family, Jaishree Asnani.

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