LED Donation

Venue- Vijay Nagar

“Light a House”

This Diwali Team Sanchayika with the help of its supporters, decided to light a slum, which needed it most.

*This initiative was taken up to replace 100watts yellow lights with 9Watt LED bulb, which are more beneficial to environment, eyes and electricity consumption ratio.

#LEDDonation #Sanchayika #Diwali2k18.

No. Of beneficiaries* – Made the change in 67 Huts.

Sanchayika volunteers available*: – Jitendra Singh Chauhan, Ashish Desai,Nilesh Jain,Shubhi Pathak, Rahul Jain, Sanjay Yadav, Ravi Verma,  Akansha Vashisht, Aditya Vaishampayan,  Azad Singh Bundela, Pankaj Sohani, Vikas Vora, Ankush Pandey, Rahul Gour.

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